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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal turnaround time for my order?
Our normal turnaround time is 10 business days. We try to keep it within that time frame; however, larger orders (be yours or another customer) may delay certain projects. If you need a job done, by a certain deadline, it is imperative that you let us know at the time of or before your order is placed.

What are your prices for (fill in the blank)?
Before we can give you a quote, there are a few items that we need to accurately quote you. Our pricing is determined by quantity, number of colors per design and the number of locations on each garment.

Why can't I order online?
In a world of automation and online ordering, we want to set ourselves apart. With our top-notch sales team and customer service, we would rather give you a personalized touch to make you feel like a human. We are here to answer questions, give feedback on your order and not leave you feeling like you didn't get the product you wanted. If you are looking for online ordering, we can direct you to a few big-named brands, but if you want human interaction, give us a call!

Why choose The Printshop USA for my custom order?
The Printshop USA has only been open since 2017, BUT we started as a brand. Warrior Culture Gear began in 2013 and have been developing, modifying and adapting our procedures ever since. Friends and family of WCG asked many times for custom screen printed apparel and now we offer that to everyone! We have an e-commerce apparel brand that drives our business and helps keep us learning new strategies all the time. We believe in our product AND our brand.